27 March 2010

Easter Mini Shoot Photos

Thanks to everyone who came out for this Easter Special!! We had a blast!
Winner the bunny was a big hit with the kids. They just loved her! They hugged her, kissed her, and maybe even pulled a few hairs off her but she was an awesome little bunny.

A big thank you to Amy and her father of The Bunny Farm and Rescue just outside of Peterborough! I got a chance to visit the bunny farm and see the love and passion she has for taking care of these bunnies. She's truly an amazing person!! If your looking to adopt a bunny this Easter please contact Amy at 1-705-344-3572.
I am unsure if Winner is up for adoption but if she is she would make a great addition to any family :)

Meet Winner...

We didn't have any little boys participate this year. Just girls, and aren't they just so sweet!!


Unknown 30 March 2010 at 10:19  

oh these turned out so great! you're an awesome photographer!

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