4 November 2010

Catching up...

I was recently told that I don't blog often enough ;) It started off as being a new years resolution to become a better blogger and I just don't know what happened... ooops!! ;) So here I go again, I'm gonna give it another shot!

In the next little while I will post some of the weddings I've done over the summer. Although I only have a couple more weddings schedule for 2010 year I can honestly say this years season was a great one! I got to meet so many wonderful people and their families and provide them with beautiful photos of their very special day!

2011 is already booking nicely. This year I decided to take it a bit easier than the last few and made sure to save one weekend every month for myself and my family. As you all know weddings mainly fall on Saturdays so my weekends are always filled up with work and it's pretty hard on our 3 little ladies. So for their sake an mine I've tried my best to make sure to leave one weekend for them per month.
That being said there only a limited amount of Saturdays available next year. June, July, and September fully booked. I have 2 available weekends left in August but am only reserving one .. first come first serve there :)
As for May and October there is still available dates there. If your interested in a consultation give me a call or send me an email and I'd love to meet with you and discuss wedding details!!

In the next few days or so my website may be down. I am getting a new website ... quite similar to the one I have currently but I like change once in a while.

If you haven't joined me on Facebook yet please do so. That seems to be where I am most current with my postings and information these days. CLICK HERE

Wow... look at that.. I've rambled on enough for one post! Stay tuned for some upcoming wedding posts full of photos!!


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