23 October 2011

Where are the wild things?

A photo shoot with some amazing women gave us all a chance to step out of the box and do something fun and "wild"! Unfortunately we couldn't control the weather that day so we had some high winds, rain, and cold temperatures to work around.  Never the less we got some great images in a very short time frame.

Big thanks to http://belleoftheballbynicole.com/ for the amazing hair styles

Bekki Willis for the awesome make-up artist

And Donna Gardiner for all your help coordinating the outfits.. just amazing!!

This is shot with the Canon 5DM2 both video+photo. This was my first try with the video... and it was done without a tripod or steadicam so I apologize now for the camera shake :)
To view in HD please CLICK HERE


Cool Math Games 24 October 2011 at 08:45  

Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

. 24 October 2011 at 09:25  

Great work! Looks like fun.

You should post your videos on Vimeo, not YouTube. YouTube is for those people that post rookie videos of their cat doing something funny or some kid doing skateboarding tricks. Vimeo is for professionals and your vid's should be on Vimeo.

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